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Walton County Master Gardeners Proud to Partner with Soil3

What is Soil³?

Soil³ is humus compost comprised of grass clippings, wheat straw and cow manure, and composted using a high heat method (160º) with added mycorrhizae. Beneficial microorganisms naturally colonize the compost as part of the process. Soil³ is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as a product for certified organic gardening.

How do I use Soil³?

Soil³ Compost is a great addition to your raised and garden beds. However, the first step before taking any action is to get your soil tested. The Walton County Extension office provides this service for a minimal fee and provides a lot of information to help you get started.

The goal is to develop soil that is easy to cultivate, retains moisture without staying too wet, and provides ample absorption of nutrients. Always remember, the roots grow in the air spaces between soil particles, which is why amending your soil with good compost is so important.

Our Master Gardeners have successfully used Soil³ in their personal gardens, as well as in our Plant Sale pots and containers. When using Soil³ Compost in your garden or raised beds, top-dress 1 to 2 inches directly on top of your garden beds and approximately 1/4" on top of your turf after aeration. Need help deciding how much Soil³ you will need? Go to the Compost Calculator.

On the left there is no Soil³; the greener half on the right was topdressed with Soil³.

Why use Soil³?

As the trusted choice for organic humus compost, Soil³ minimizes the need for harmful chemicals. It provides enough nutrients for season-long growing, and there is no need to apply additional fertilizer. Another great factor is the ability of Soil³ to retain moisture in sandy soils. With four times the water retention of regular soil, drought and water restrictions will not be as damaging to gardens or lawns. Conversely, because it’s humus compost, Soil³ improves drainage in heavy clay soils.

  • Provides nutrients for season-long growing

  • Improves soil water retention, drainage & aeration

  • Builds good soil structure

  • Reduces soil compaction

  • Neutralizes pH

You can now order the big yellow bags of Soil³ Veggie Mix, a specialty blended potting mix for direct planting of veggies and annuals in your garden beds.Veggie Mix Ingredients:

  • 75% Soil³ compost for nutrition and beneficial soil microorganisms

  • 12% aged bark fines (aka soil conditioner) to improve drainage

  • 12% HydraFiber refined wood fibers also to improve drainage

  • 2.5 pounds of activated charcoal per 1 cubic yard to protect plants against persistent herbicides when growing any type of vegetable garden

Use Veggie Mix Potting Soil For: Containers or window boxes, seasonal pots, grow bags, deck and patio planters, dividing and potting up passalong plants, seed starting, raised beds, and all in-ground vegetable beds where you want an extra measure of protection. You can even cut off the top and plant right in the cube!

When to Use Other Soil³ Options:

  • When planting and topdressing lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers, use Soil³Humus Compost

  • For leveling established lawns, use Soil³ Level Mix, because it has 70% sand in it to add structure.

Level Mix is a 70% golf course sand and 30% Soil³ humus compost blend. Sand levels the lawn and the Soil³ compost gives your warm season lawn a boost of natural nutrients and beneficial bacteria. Together the sand and compost in Level Mix create a level surface without bumps or depressions while providing rich nutrients and beneficial microorganisms for your lawn.

Level Mix is meant for warm season lawns such as Bermudagrass, Centipedegrass, and Zoysiagrass; it does not work on Tall Fescue. The best time to level your warm season lawn is when it's green and actively growing in the spring and summer. Do not topdress when your warm season lawn is dormant.

How do I order BigYellowBag of Soil³?

and receive $5 off BigYellowBags of Soil³ throughout 2024 when using discount code WaltonMG2024.

If you order between now and Feb 29, you can take advantage of the early bird sale for an additional $30 off.

How do I get it delivered?

Order your BigYellowBag of Soil³ and delivery is free. Price includes local delivery in AL, GA, NC, SC, and TN. Draw an X on your driveway in sidewalk chalk, or make an X with tools where you want your BigYellowBag placed. Here are simple delivery instructions, including pictures and a short video, if you have any questions.

The Walton County Master Gardeners appreciates your support!

Have questions? Email us at or visit the Soil3 Blog at


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