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Master Gardeners Visit Daylily Farm

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

This Wednesday the Walton County Master Gardeners took an exciting field trip to Simonton Bridge Daylily Farm in Watkinsville. The proprietor, Joann Stewart, has an estimated 7000 daylilies on her 1-acre property. Approximately one third of them were in bloom. We were just in time to see the early season daylilies in full swing. Over the next couple of weeks mid-season daylilies will take center stage. Finally, an encore performance of late season daylilies will start early to mid-July. With literally hundreds of daylilies in bloom. The garden was simply stunning. In addition to the daylilies, Joann has hydrangeas, stokes asters, gladiolas, and a plethora of other perennials planted beside whimsical yard art.

Growing Daylilies

Daylilies are low-care, fool-proof perennials. Requirements are few: 1) full to part sun (at least 4 hours per day) and 2) adequate moisture, approximately 1 inch per week. Beyond that they are essentially trouble free and grow happily in a wide range of soil types. According to Joann, they don’t require heavy fertilization, in fact, Joann doesn’t fertilize hers at all. Daylilies are virtually pest-free and typically will benefit from division every 3 to 5 years, although it is not necessary. Joann does suggest mulching to retain soil moisture and minimize weeds. While rust can be a problem on newly installed plants, from Joann’s experience the young plants tend to outgrow it. She recommends removing infected leaves. The only caution with daylilies is deer – they love them. So carefully place your daylilies where deer will be unlikely to find them.

So Many Exciting Varieties of Daylilies!

Joann’s garden clearly demonstrates why daylilies are one of the most popular perennials. In addition to their low care requirements, wide cultural tolerance, and minimal pest issues...daylilies are also available in a rainbow of colors, a wide range of sizes and flower types including doubles, spiders (long, graceful petals), and cascades (petals reminiscent of ringlet curls). There are bicolor, bitones, watermarks, bands, ruffled and raised edges, and midrib stripes. A recently introduced feature is diamond refraction, where water droplets on the petals appear to sparkle. A world apart from the old standby Stella de Oro! The choices are staggering and exciting. Clearly, there is a perfect fit for every garden.

"If you are a daylily enthusiast this is a can’t miss excursion. Even if you aren’t, walking the garden and chatting with Joann is a delight and well worth the trip!"

Simonton Bridge Daylily Farm

located at

2300 Simonton Bridge Road, Watkinsville, GA

Hours of operation 8am-12pm and 5pm-7pm, June 1-June 30,

Please call ahead at

(706) 424-1079

To view Joann's online catalog and photo gallery visit:

Interested in learning more about daylilies?

Visit The American Daylily Society at


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